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Ranger NM Builds Empty Ranger NM Builds

Post  [FA]_-Ryu-_ on Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:33 pm

3 Dex 2 Str – A good build all round, especially if you won’t be going to PvP that often. You’ll be a good soloist, and mildly useful in parties, since Tanking isn’t entirely impossible and you can deal damage real quick, making you a useful tool for parties with Mages and Archers, since you can keep threats away and deal damage. A good thing about this is that you aren’t too dependent on lapis, though as with any other character, they will help.

1 Str 4 Luc – Same story as with the archer build. Great in PvP since you’ll be killing really fast, and to add to that, you have skills to add Luc (Invigoration) and skills that will always grant you the first hit (Stealth), which can be deadly against low HP characters such as Mages, Archers and Priests. Disadvantage is the same as the archer build. First few levels will be a bit hard, though it’ll pay off in higher levels. As with the archer build, Dex lapis are a must.

5 Str- This is assume to be the best build for a NM ranger. My lack on Dex and Possible to get hit a lot by mobs but Dex Lapis can fix this problem.

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