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Post  [FA]_-Ryu-_ on Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:32 pm

5 Int – Optimal Build in my opinion, but I might be a bit biased . Will deal a lot of damage and you will be very valuable in parties, especially AoE. Though you can still be valuable alone. Only disadvantage is it might be a bit expensive to keep up since you’ll need both Wis lapis and Rec lapis for higher levels, while most other builds only need one type of lapis.

4 Int 1 Wis – Deals less damage than the first build, but has more MP. Very valuable for AoE parties between the 15 – 30 lvl, since the amount of Int that was lost is minimal, but you can always cast an extra spell than the 5 Int mages, though might be a bit hard when you reach higher levels, especially 40-50, since 40 intelligence points will make you a bit weaker and thus less valuable at times. Rec lapis are still a must though.

4 Int 1 Rec – Also deals less damage than the first build, but great if you don’t like parties. You can survive more often alone, though this shares the same disadvantage as the second build, except even harder. This build will make you less useful in parties of any kind since the Rec won’t be used (since there will be defenders to take the hits). You’ll need Wis lapis if you are to use this build.

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