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Defender NM Builds Empty Defender NM Builds

Post  [FA]_-Ryu-_ on Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:31 pm

5 Rec – I’ve heard a lot of people say that this build is the best, but frankly I’m not too sure. This build is surely the best though if you plan on doing a lot of AoE, though it’ll be close to impossible to level up alone, since you’ll be missing that damage. This build often goes with Wis lapis to negate magic damage, which will be a bit more common at higher levels.

4 Rec 1 Str / 3 Rec 2 Str- A pretty good build, which gives you a better chance at solo. But on the minus side, it’ll make you a bit less useful in AoE. Though if you equip Rec lapis, the disadvantage should easily be fixed. Wis lapis will also be useful here.

4 Rec 1 Dex / 3 Rec 2 Dex – Ok, if you don’t mind spending hours on each creature, this build is pretty good. You won’t take hits, but if you do take hits, they’ll still be negated by the high HP you have. Though, like the first build, it will be hard to level up alone without the help of Str lapis since you’ll be dealing little damage. As with the first two, Wis lapis is useful here.

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