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Fighters NM Build

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Fighters NM Build Empty Fighters NM Build

Post  [FA]_-Ryu-_ on Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:27 pm


3 Str 2 Dex – In my opinion, this is the optimal build for a fighter. You’ll do well in solo, and well in PvP. You’ll have a strong presence in battle, especially against mages and priests that will find it hard to keep up. The disadvantage is you might need a priest as a back up because you’ll be lacking a bit of hp, but Rec lapis should fix this.

3 Str 2 Rec – This build is a good build as apart from being a fighter that can do well in battle alone / in a small party, you can also tank for small AoE parties. You won’t be as good as a defender, but you’ll be more valuable in party play. On the other hand, this build might make you miss a bit, but as with the first build, Dex lapis can fix this.

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