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Mage UM Build

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Mage UM Build Empty Mage UM Build

Post  DMg-Dealer on Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:03 am

6int 3rec
5int 2rec 2wis
4luc 5int
7int 2rec

If you want to be a *party* mage the 9int build would be great build.But if you're forced to solo alot and cant seem to take on several mobs at a time the 6int 3rec build is great for lower lvls but as u grow higher adding wis wouldn't hurt since most higher lvl mobs use magic attacks with melee.
There is 1 build that i didnt put up there and thats the 9luc 1. I know it seems crazy but if u wanna be dpser u do 4luc 5int to around 30 but try to make it 200int base and rest luc, and then form then on do all luc.
But this is just a theory i haven't tried it out yet.

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Mage UM Build Empty Re: Mage UM Build

Post  Aelita_Stones1 on Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:33 am

but mages and priests dont do much of a physicle damage it would be better to wait for bless

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