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Fighter UM Builds

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Fighter UM Builds Empty Fighter UM Builds

Post  DMg-Dealer on Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:15 am

7str 2dex
6str 3dex
5str 2dex 2rec
4str 3rec 2dex
5str 2luc 2dex

Choosing build on Fighter is very different from other classes.
You can be rec/luc/str fighter. Some ppl say that luc fighter is bad but i don't c why, but to make this work u have to remember to add att power to compensate for the times u dont crit and maybe lose 1 str and 3luc 2dex 4str. And if u lapis gear with mostly luc/str lapises u should be doing great.
I myself had a 50+ UM fighter and did the basic 7str 2dex build, worked GREAT but i wanted to be dpser so i restatted to luc/str/dex. This is the easiest way to go: 7str 2dex to 50 at least and then restat to luc.

Hope this will help u ^^

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