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Other Ranks Application.

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Other Ranks Application. Empty Other Ranks Application.

Post  [FA]_-Ryu-_ on Fri Dec 18, 2009 11:25 am

GameTag (Username) :
Guild Current Rank:
Rank Would Like To Be On:
Reason You Want To Be On This Rank:

Ranking Guide Line:

Rank 2: Main Officers (Registered in Site and Game) Responsible To Help Guild Leader With Guild
Rank 3: Secondary officers (Registered in Site and Game) Help Main Officers In Anyway Possible
Rank 4: Assistants (Registered in Site and Game) Guild Farmers
Rank 5: Co-Assistants (Registered in Site and Game) Guild Recruiters
Rank 6: Sergent (Registered in Site and Game) Should Apply For A Guild Job (Recruiter,Farmer, Etc.)
Rank 7: Private (Registered in Site and Game) Learning the ropes
Rank 8: New members (Registered in Game Only) Must Register in Site ASAP
Rank 9: This is not a rank you want to achieve

Other Ranks Application. Untitl10

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